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Flavor is the focus, too, at Spring-based Hot Line Pepper Products.

“Our sauces are complex,” said founder Kerry Stessel, who started his hot-sauce business in 2011.

A self-described amateur chef who manages the 15,000-member Woodlands/Spring Foodie Club on Facebook, Stessel said the roots of his business go back a dozen years when he and his poker buddies began trying to one-up one another when it came to snacks.

HLPP Hot Sauces Review

The first in this short series comes from a a new company headed up by Houstonian Kerry Stessel under the banner of Hot Line Pepper Products. I first sampled these when Kerry visited ZestFest 2011 in Irving, Texas.

Fiber Joe Interview

Hot Line Pepper Products is a family owned business based in Spring, Texas that takes pride in creating quality, gourmet, custom blended hot sauces. We fire roast our chiles to bring out the full flavor with a slight natural sweetness from the caramelization.

Ghost Pepper Sauce Review

So I spent a good 30 minutes checking out all of the available sauces and finally settled on a handful to take home with me. Of those, I picked out 2 of the Hot Lines sauces. Their Ghost Pepper Sauce was the first one I opened up.

Evil Ooze Review

I love hot sauces, and I really love “hot” hot sauces, so when I took a look at this bottle of Evil Ooze from Hot Line Pepper Products, I was intrigued to say the least. Evil Ooze is a habanero and jalapeno hot sauce that comes from Hot Line Pepper Products.


The production of hot sauce is one of the eight fastest growing industries in the country. Not necessarily because it was lucrative, but because he loved hot sauce, Kerry Stessel started Hot Line Pepper Products after giving it considerable thought, and he thought it through every step of the way.

Scott Roberts

I first sampled these when Kerry visited ZestFest 2011 in Irving, Texas. As he made his way around the show floor, he stopped by the Bloggers Booth (with its lone person running it being me) and let me taste some out of his test bottles that he brought from his drive up.